Review – September 2018 Lyrical Host Limited Edition Blogging Bundle

Review – September 2018 Lyrical Host Limited Edition Blogging Bundle
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It’s been a big month for me – I moved from WordPress dot com to self-hosted. Non-bloggers will wonder what this means, but among other things, now I own my own domain name (, I have autonomy about what I can do with the blog and where it goes next – It’s a journey a bit like life. I don’t write about the process of blogging very often, but there were many reasons behind this decision, which I’ll come back to another time.  I hope YOU, my readers, will follow this journey – and even if not every post is interesting to you. It’s guaranteed there will be photos of pretty flowers ;-). 

I chose Lyrical Host ( (affiliate link) to host my blog – they do things differently, including providing:

  • free resources to help your business grow – monthly stock photos, advice booklets and checklists.
  • Pay as you feel (£5+) blogging bundles
  • Community matters – They really want to support the small businesses and bloggers they work with – they’re always on hand to offer advice and support.

It was Lyrical Host’s 1st birthday in September 2018 so they launched a special Blogging Bundle.

Note:  THIS POST IS NOT A SPONSORED POST.  I wanted to write about the Limited Edition Blogging Bundle – I paid a fair price for what I received.
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link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own.  I shall always give an honest opinion. 

Limited Edition Blogging Bundle 

One of the reasons, I chose Lyrical was because they were different – they give their clients blogging resources including stock photos, advice booklets and checklists. They’ve got a blog full of information too – (affiliate link).

On their 1st birthday in September 2018 the team launched a Limited Edition Blogging bundle.
Read on for my review

Why I bought the bundle:

I don’t have much spare time at the moment, as there’s much going on in different parts of my life – All good but it’s a bit full on.   Although I love photography, I don’t have much time to take stock photos, flat lays or other styles of photography for websites.  Neither did I want to just download some ‘free’ supposedly ‘Copyright free’ photo from Google – and sometimes my blog needs stock photos I can adapt.   I’d much rather be outside taking photos of flowers and gardens 😉

I paid for my blogging bundle as it had massive added value for me and I know it will save me SO MUCH time.

Some questions for my fellow bloggers: 

Do you:

  • spend hours editing pictures? ages looking for stock photo websites especially for a ‘niche’ photo? 
  • feel your stock shots look the same as everyone elses?
  • Need trusted advice on Blogging? 
  • Get Stuck for ideas about your next live or YouTube video?
  • Have you been meaning to do make a blogging stats spreadsheet but just not got round to it?

Have you ever considered what your ‘hourly’ rate is as a blogger?

What I mean by this is ‘what is how much time does it take you to do a task?‘ and ‘what is this time costing you?’   If you’ve got limited time to do something – should you do it? OR ‘do something instead? How much time do you spend doing things for your blog that AREN’T WRITING?

It’s a bit like – if you’ve got limited spare time, what are you doing in that spare time? do something fun (not cleaning the kitchen together;-) ).
Another way to look at this is get the expert to do the thing you’re an amateur at doing – imagine the AA changing your tyre/mending your car or YOU doing it?
After all just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something – what is the most effective use of your time? 

More about the Limited Edition Blogging Bundle

Key information about the Limited Edition Blogger Bundle:

  • a digital ‘Pay as you feel’ any price from £5 upwards…
  • pay £35 or more and 20% of the sale went to a charity chosen by the Lyrical clients
  • for bloggers of all experience levels
  • time limited
  • More information on Lyrical Host’s website in Bundle FAQ and Licencing (very straightforward).

The bundle included:

  • 100 Styled Stock Photos (White + Grey Wood Backgrounds) 
  • How To Update Older Blog Posts: A Checklist (PDF) 
  • 20 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Followers (PDF/Flipbook)
  • Three Take Your Blog From Good To Great (Mini Video Series)
  • The Practical Blog Stats Tracking Template (Spreadsheet)
  • Bumper List Of 170 Free & Paid Stock Photo Websites (PDF/Flipbook)
  • 25 Ideas For Your Next Facebook Live (PDF/Flipbook)
  • Happy Mandala Printable Coloring Sheets (6 PDFs In 3 Different Designs)

100 stock photos60 white background stock photos with keyboards, quote cards, succulent pots, rose gold, bronze and gold pens, photo frames

I think these look fresh, modern and have bronze accents with succulents.  The file sizes are adaptable across many different media. High resolution obviously and multi-use.

20 grey wood background stock photos with peacock feathers, black white striped notebooks, gold pens, pink purple hexagons on cover of note book - bronze and silver pens

Note: I’ve used a couple of the purple/pink hexagonal notebook for the blog header and my Pin (my first time with Canva and pinning my own words/work).

collage of 20 bright colour stock photos - aqua, yellow, red, flowers with keyboards, plant pots on a white background

Do you know any bloggers with these logo colours?

These bright colour combination doesn’t suit my blog but I can easily see these used by a parenting/family blogger – especially if they review lots of brightly coloured toys – the yellow hello photos remind me of Lego too.

Advice booklets, Checklists and Videos

Picture of a booklet on a computer screen - 25 ways to increase your social media followers for $20 or lessPicture of Booklet on a mobile phone - 25 ideas for your next facebook live

Take Your Blog From Good To Great: Mini Video Series

Three 4 minute videos covering Stickability, Consistency, Promotion, and Authority. Each mini video is succinct but packed with tips for bloggers. No sound required.

My thoughts on the Bundle:

Short Answer – I’m very impressed and happy. This bundle is so useful in so many ways, saving me time, money and help me develop my blog.

Stock photos
  • I am very impressed with the quality and styling on the stock photos – very elegant.  They are very well thought out layouts which can be cropped for different media use.
  • I think there would be photos that most bloggers could use. There’s something that would here that would SAVE YOU TIME AND EFFORT.
  • Clear information on copyright/editing for your blog – basically you can edit the stock photos for your own blog, but can’t upload to a stock photo site or re-sell.
Advice Booklets
  • I don’t know any Blogger that doesn’t want to grow their social media following – many useful suggestions and prompts.
  • The checklist on ‘How To Update Older Blog Posts‘ has been great for me, as I’m working my way through my three years of posts – it covers much more than broken links.  I think most bloggers would find this VERY useful.
  • Bumper list of 170 Stock Photo websites covering Culturally diverse photos, quirky and niche, paid for (and free) Feminine photos, Premium sites (paid).
  • three 4 minute videos covering Stickability, Consistency, Promotion, and Authority – sage advice here.
  • Facebook Live – this isn’t something I’m going to do anytime soon (I think I’ve got about 25 followers), but there was very useful information, which could be re-purposed for Youtube/InstaTV too.

And finally, Mandala Colouring is relaxing, and it helps me be mindful but that’s a whole other blog post; You could, of course, colour them in and use them as blog post photo props too.

mandala colouring printable - you are capable of anything

Interested?  What you need to know:

  • It was a Pay as you feel bundle (£5 or more) Please move the slider to the right to decide on t
  • if you pay £35 or more and 20% of the sale will go to a charity chosen by the Lyrical clients
  • The bundle came as an instant digital download in the form of a 517MB zip folder
  • YOU DIDN’T need to be hosted Lyrical Host – ANYONE could buy it,


Pin for later 🙂

The Bundle DID disappear at the end of September 2018

Hosting by Lyrical – they’re different in a good way|

They’ve got a friendly, helpful and kind facebook group of fellow bloggers, small business owners, virtual assistants/coaches.  Come and join us as I bet you’ll find the answer to a question that been niggling you. You can find us:

  • Lyrical Blog and Business Squad – there’s free blogging resources just for joining the group.
  • have a look at my post from January 2019 for the next bundle –

If you are sold on moving to Lyrical Host

I’ve got a 10% off your first order – add BECINMONTON10 at the checkout (affiliate link/code)


  • If you move to Lyrical as a host let me know
  • please let me know in the comments your tips to save time and money blogging  🙂 

Carpe Diem

Love Bec

xx xx xx


  1. 11/09/2018 / 7:10 am

    It does sound like a very good bundle if you are regularly buying stock images. I never bought a stock image and I’ve been blogging for many years, but I mostly blog about the things I do and what I visit. With the rest, I love taking the time and make my own picture, it’s one of the parts I love about blogging.

  2. 11/09/2018 / 2:29 pm

    It sounds like a great bundle. I’m not a stock image user, mainly because of my recipes! But I can imagine they are very useful!

    • 13/09/2018 / 12:54 pm

      You’ve always got great food photos, or lovely locations which helps. The workbooks were really useful too.
      Love Bec x

  3. 17/09/2018 / 9:39 pm

    This is such a helpful bundle – especially for those of us who are still relatively new to blogging! I will definitely be taking a look at it and seeing if it suits my needs 🙂

  4. 17/09/2018 / 10:08 pm

    Oh I’ve never heard of them before but I will definitely check them out thank you 😊

  5. 25/09/2018 / 7:29 am

    This looks interesting. I use pixabay for my images alongside my own photos. The stock photos demonstrated by you do not suit my particularvthemes on either of my blogs. Some of the other resources seem very useful. I will look further into it

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