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World Arthritis Day – my hand, his hand, our future

12 October 2016 – always holding my hand – sometimes metaphorically ūüôā

My chap picks me up when I fall, holds my hand and is always by my side – my rock. ¬†He’s always so positive, even when life throws up problems.

On #worldarthritisday I’m reaffirming a promise I made to myself – to keep going forwards.

I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my fingers and toes in Summer 2015 aged 48 – and in my lower back in September 2016. I’ve had chronic back pain for six years so I think the arthritis has been developing for a while. ¬†It’s constant pain, every walking moment of every day – nothing stops the pain, painkillers aren’t a solution for me. ¬†Mindfulness helps as does yoga and tail chi – it’s trying to manage my pain and stiffness.¬†

But, I carry on with life, doing as much as I can.

Sunshine and warm weather help me; ¬†I’m having a good week as we are on holiday in Lisbon. I track my symptoms with the ‘cloudy with a change of pain’ App developed my researchers at the University of Manchester. ¬†It’s a citizen scientist investigating if the weather affects peoples’ arthritis pain and other symptoms. anyone can get involved. ¬†It’s really helped me.