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pink pelagonium, purple and pink saliva, purple wallflower and fuchsia in green stoneware jug

Dreaming of Cornwall – pink pelargonium salvia fuchsia – In a Vase on Monday – 15 October 2018

Life is very hectic at the moment – in a good way. Various plans seem to be coming together but it is tough squeezing everything in – I feel like I’ve been chained to the laptop. Most things I’m writing are things I want to write about – so that helps. I’m working on various different projects and activities – some crafting projects and courses too. I’m hoping my plans are coming together and I’m remaining positive – carrying on with mindfulness, yoga and daily walking. This quote resonated with me – I’m keeping going…

‘One of the things I’ve learnt the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.’

Lucille Ball (1911-1989) – actress, comedienne and producer. She was the first woman to run a Hollywood Studio in 1962.

My birthday is in October and My Chap’s a week later – these follow quickly from our first wedding anniversary – so there’s been plenty of adventures and weekends away as well – he’s been running for the motor neurone disease association at half marathons too.

One of the things, I’ve been doing is taking photographs when it is sunny – here’s my vase from Monday. The weather has been sunny and warm most days; even when it’s overcast it’s still too warm for the time of year. It was 22 degrees on my birthday last week. This vase looks like one from August, not mid-October.

pink pelagonium, purple and pink saliva, purple wallflower and fuchsia in green stoneware jug

pink pelargonium, purple and red saliva, purple wallflower and fuchsia in green/blue stoneware jug

Flowers in my Vase

  • pink edged pelargonium – Crimson Flame
  • Salvia ‘Armistead’
  • Red Salvia
  • purple perennial wallflower – this bush has been flowering continuously since about March – it’s appeared in the IAVOM often too.
  • fuchsia – it’s a hardy one, grows is about five foot high at the moment and flowering profusely – I think it’s magellania

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In a vase on Monday – sweetpeas

sweetpeas and vase from the eden project - 27 July 2015

sweetpeas and vase from the eden project – 27 July 2015

Everything has really caught up with me this week and I am full of a horrible cold.  We had a wonderful day at Tatton Park Flower Show  on Friday– so much inspiration for our garden, but it was a very long day.  I knew I was going down with something nasty as I couldn’t smell the beautiful flowers I’m including in my vase today.   It’s the sweetpea :-).

I  nipped out to pick these sweetpeas, growing by the front door  – they get full sun all summer and grow among two clematis – one dark purple and the other a more dapply mid pink one.  There’s also a big ‘tom thumb’ hardy fuchsia.  The sweetpeas are about 6 foot high at the moment.  I don’t know the variety as the tag is hidden away.  I’ve got more sweetpeas growing in the north facing back garden but nowhere near as far along as these.

The vase is recycled glass and came from the Eden Project in May 2015; there were about 10 different colours but the Chap said only buy one.  The Eden Project is well worth a visit if you’re in the area and the shop is an Aladdin’s cave of lovely things – often made from re-cycled materials –

sweetpeas and vase from the eden project

sweetpeas and vase from the eden project – 27 July 2015

Please take a look at Rambling in the Garden –  Cathy’s got gorgeous flowers from her mum’s  garden on an island on the West of Scotland.  It sounds a challenging place to garden, but must be very beautiful.  I went to University in Scotland and it’s a place close to my heart.  I really must visit again soon.   Cathy also talks about how her Mum picking flowers for vases helped give her love of gardening.  I hope her mum enjoys the vases people post.  Writing this blog, has also reminded me how much of my love of gardening, sitting in the garden and enjoying visiting stately homes, castles and great gardens comes from my mother.  Thanks Mum! My love of cooking comes from my Dad though.

Have a good week everyone – I’m hoping the rain will stop soon here in Manchester and I’ll feel better soon.

Carpe Diem

Love Bec xx