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Is it really December? Six on Saturday 1 December 2018

It’s the first day of Winter today according to the meteorological calendar. The older I get the quicker the time flies by and the more rubbish my memory becomes; this is one of the reasons I started a blog – to record what was happening around us, in the garden, days out and what adventures we got up to.  It’s certainly done that, I’ve rediscovered my love of photography.  It also gives me a chance to see how the garden changes from day to day and year to year.  But, I really do sound like a broken record mentioning often what odd weather we’ve had this year – it’s been very, very mild, temperatures often 10-15 degrees – and not getting anywhere freezing overnight.  Here beside the Bridgewater Canal, in Monton, in Salford, quite a few of my plants still haven’t realised it’s December. Usually, the garden in December would be looking rather leafless, bare sticks and trees, the odd evergreen plant and a basket or two of winter violas and pansies – with frost and cold, wet soil.  Instead, there a couple of plants flowering that really shouldn’t be…

1.Margarite – Argyranthemum Frutescens

five small yellow daisy like flowers - margarites

yellow margarite

I have three of these plants in pots, in the front garden, and they are still flowering – they’re proper sun lovers.  I love daisy style flowers, so I have many different plants – dahlias (Bishop styles), Leucanthemum, these and cute alpines. Continue reading

white jug with pink, pelargonium campion and petunia with a jug and a candle enjoy today

Enjoy Today – My jug is full of flowers not half empty – In a vase on monday

It’s a grey day here in Manchester, it’s been hurling down with rain for most of the weekend, my arthritic joints are aching and I’m getting over a horrible cold so I absolutely shattered (the bone sapping tiredness is back). BUT inside I’m feeling positive and ‘enjoy today’ is my mantra. I’ve made some significant changes over the last few months –  a new adventure is starting.

As ever, my awesome husband is 100% supportive and helps me every day, as do my friends and family.


I did what I usually do to help myself feel a bit better I went outside to have a look what was flowering, take some photographs and see the state of the garden after a very wet and windy weekend.  Taking photographs of flowers up close means you have to REALLY look at them.  I’ve written before about how my garden and gardening help me to be mindful.  Even, if you don’t have any outside space at your home, sit or walk in a park for an hour.  Nature is everywhere even in very urban areas.  I wrote more about how my garden helps me with my wellbeing.

I’ve written a few times about #onehouroutside  We are very lucky as there are many lovely walks around Monton where we live. Here’s a three-mile favourite:

Walking is a micro action – a small change, done regularly which makes a difference to your life. It seems as if it’s something about this time of year, something about being ‘back at school’ feeling.

Have you made a change recently?

pelargonium, petunia and campion in a white jug

pelargonium, petunia and campion in a white jug

Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Lavatera, Campion, Margarite

Lavatera Marguerite and Campion in a weck jar

Lavatera Marguerite and Campion in a weck jar – 20 July 2015

The garden is looking lush this week, especially my pots and hanging baskets, but I’m a bit perplexed about how to pick the flowers for vases.    So this week there are only three flowers in my Vase on a Monday’.  They are:

  • Lavatera × clementii ‘Rosea’ – which was another gift from my mum.  It was the first thing I planted in my garden and reminds me of my mum’s house where I grew up.   They’re a magnet for bees too.
  • Campion – it’s a really vivid pink – the photos don’t do it justice. The plant came in a pot from my mum’s garden a couple of years ago in a bit of a sorry state.  It took a while to get going but it just keeps flowering for most of the summer.
  • A white Margarite (Argyranthemum frutescens) – it grows about four foot high, flowers for most of the summer. Sadly I don’t know the name. We bought it at Tatton Park Flower Show a couple of years ago.   I really love Daisy-style flowers and have quite a few different plants around the garden.  Always room for a few more 🙂
Marguerites, campion and dragonflies

Marguerites, campion and dragonflies – 20th July 2015

The ‘vase’ originally had risotto rice and dried herbs in it (which made a lovely dinner) and I bought it in Lidl last year and saved it for my chutney.  It’s a Weck Jar who are the German equivalent of Kilner, founded in Oflingen Germany in 1895.  The logo is a cute strawberry.   It’s about 6 inches high and it amused me that, according to their website, it’s actually a juice jar.

weck juice jar - with strawberry logo

weck juice jar – with strawberry logo – 20 July 2015


Do have a look at all the lovely vases hosted by Cathy over on Rambling in the Garden.

This week she has beautiful, restful and serene white flowers including a lovely dahlia.   Anyone can join in – I enjoy looking at everyone’s vases very much and it gives me such a lot of ideas for my garden.

There are some lovely dahlias in many of the vases – Particularly, I like the landaff style ones  (they’re daisy style too) and I’ve got a beauty in my garden at the moment – it might appear in the vase next week.

summer boarder - hanging baskets, dragonflies and allium 20 July 2015

summer border – hanging baskets, dragonflies and allium 20 July 2015

This week I am very excited because it’s Royal Horticultural Society Tatton Park Flower Show from Thursday to Sunday and the weather is looking good.   We are going on Thursday, and I expect some more plants will be arriving in our garden 🙂

Are you going to Tatton? Do you go to other flower shows?

Carpe Diem

Bec xx